Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation & the Pride Cocktail Kickoff

As June is Pride month, I thought for Part 2 of my “Good Things” series, it would be a perfect fit to spotlight the important work done by the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation, as well as invite you to join the Pride Kickoff festivities (from home) that raise funds for this cause.
The Dr. Peter Centre, located in Downtown Vancouver’s Westend, provides support, care and resources for people whose lives are impacted by HIV/AIDS, mental illness, substance use, poverty and discrimination. That support includes healthy meals, counselling, therapies, nursing, and providing a safe place for peer socialization, in a space free from judgment.
When I attended the last “in-person” Pride Cocktail Kickoff event in 2019, I had the opportunity to hear a wonderful young man named Eduardo share his story and what a major impact the Centre had on his life. Unfortunately, the world lost Eduardo earlier this year, but his smile will live on forever, as will the impact of his words.
I only too well remember the onset of the AIDS epidemic in the early 80’s and how fear, lack of empathy, existing prejudices, and willful ignorance, among other things, created stigma and discrimination that led to those with AIDS, and gay men in particular, becoming the targets of hate and ridicule. At a time when this beautiful community was facing rapid, immeasurable loss, they were often also isolated and left to die without the comfort of friends or loved ones. It breaks my heart that 40 years later, stigma around HIV/AIDS and lack of access to support and healthcare remains for so many. That is why I support the work of organizations like the Dr. Peter Centre.

This year, the Pride Cocktail Kickoff (at home) is coming to you on July 22, 2021 - a Pride Cocktail Kit containing amazing appetizers and cocktails (vegan options available) from The Lazy Gourmet will be delivered to your door. You’ll be provided a link to watch a video where you’ll learn more about the Dr. Peter Centre and enjoy some entertainment, including drag performances by the amazing Gia Metric and Kendall Gender, and a DJ set by Madam Lola. Visit www.drpeter.org/support-us/events/upcoming-events/pride-cocktail-kickoff-2021 and get your order in today! Funds raised from this event will directly support the essential programs at the Dr. Peter Centre.
I have made a donation in honour of Eduardo’s life in support of the Dr. Peter Aids Foundation, and I will be thinking of the words he shared when I gather virtually with friends for this year’s Pride Kickoff event. Please join me.